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I recently moved back to NYC and was surprised when I found music inspiration in the most unlikeliest of places…a work function. To be fair it wasn’t exactly a work function, I work for a company with founders that really appreciate the arts which is pretty awesome but I also never expected to find a rock jam at an orchestra concert or be one of the few members of the audience which included Vera Wang and that Soprano’s guy.

The OAE is not your average or typical orchestra – they are a group a talented musicians with interesting backgrounds and stories, yes – but they can create a jam with a violin, viola, cello and harpsicord. It would have been the funk music for Elizabeth Bennett’s generation.

For you orchestra buffs, we heard some Purcell, Farina and Vivaldi and I left with a renewed sense of wanting to play the violin – I also want to be fluent in Spanish and French and be a ballerina, hey it could happen there’s still time! It sounded a lot like this:

I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot when it comes to the construction of instruments, so I was interested to find out that these violins were constructed in the baroque style which means the bow is different – angled – and the strings are made of gut not something synthetic – it does produce a varied sound and I just kept wondering what Andrew Bird would have to say about all of that. I’m sure Bird would have been down with the crazy plucking and picking on the violins.

Find out more about the OAE by visiting their website, they are based in the UK but tour in the states several times a year.

Oh and they’re on Twitter – – so progressive of them!