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Last night was awesome. I got to be part of a crowd of no more than 60 people or so that got to see the first Moonface show in Brooklyn, NY.

Spencer enlighted us all with some “Marimba and shit-drums”, Mike Bigelow (Wintersleep) played those crazy electronic drums, and Camilla even took the stage for a couple songs. They ended the night with as Camilla rightly put it a cover of a Spencer song – Swan Lake‘s All Fires. Great show, felt very lucky to have been part of this small intimate group that got to experience the next wave/brainchild of Spencer Krug.

Marimba And Shit-Drums

I’m still settling in from the shock of the night, the fact that I was there, I got to ask Spencer himself about my California Dreamer and Idiot Heart questions and I’m still kicking myself that I don’t carry a pen or some writing device with me at all times.

Brief Q&A with Spencer in the stairwell of some apt building in Bushwick:

KB: What is “Moonface”? What does it mean?

SK: It’s just something I thought of there is not some deep hidden meaning…it’s actually this condition where your face swells up to a very round shape.

KB: Really? Are you making that up?

SK: No it’s really a condition.

I told him I was a huge fan (I was a little starstruck I’ll admit it) and then said can I ask you one more thing…

KB: Thinking of California Dreamer and Idiot Heart, do you have a connection or is there some fascination with east coast vs. west coast?

SK: I understand what you mean about California Dreamer, I wrote that for about a friend of mine…what I always liked about that song is that you don’t realize until about half way through that it’s about a woman.  But what do you mean about Idiot Heart? That was actually about Montreal.

KB: Well I guess there’s nothing [in Idiot Heart] to suggest an LA connection but I lived there for a year and that line “I love you but I hate this city” well that’s what it meant to me.

SK: I think that’s great, you shouldn’t have me telling you what I think it is, you should keep that for yourself and let it mean whatever it means to you.

I like that. My friend with me last night described him as a puzzle. I think that may be, he’s certainly not an open book but his music is accessible and real – he’s not a rock star, he’s an artist. I think there is a real difference.

That’s enough soapbox for one day I think. It was a night of concerts, directly following the Moonface show, I traveled to the Knitting Factory to see a band unknown to me (until last night) Antlers. More on that later…

In the meantime – check out more Moonface – (click on the “dreams” tab, very cool, I want my own dream forum it’s brilliant)