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photos by Toby Tenenbaum for Brooklyn Vegan

Three things: Fog machines, lasers, drum machine…oh and side kicks and special K (not the cereal) – so 1,2,3,4,5…five things.  Psychedelic electronic rock I guess you could call it.

Super high energy intense love affair between the husband and wife duo – Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry – the music, the crowd and lasers it was the dance party made for indie rock enthusiasts. And it might bring back the glow stick, maybe.

For those unaware, Dan Boeckner formally of Wolf Parade – a band collaboration with Spencer Krug (Moonface, Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake) has just released the Handsome Furs’ third album, Sound Kapital. Interesting to compare the differences and departures from his former collaborator, Spencer Krug. Where as, in my mind, Spencer is more about the lyrics and progression of climax in the song, Boeckner seems more about the raw and dirty sound, the rocking out.

Alexei and her man are in sync on this as evidenced by her intensity on stage complete with side kicks and collapse to the ground at the close of (almost) every song. And they are able to fill the stage with just the two of them – they are dynamic and they can put that drum machine to work.

The enthusiasm of Boeckner and Alexei on stage was mirrored in the crowd. There are some stellar pics provided by a Toby Tenenbaum/Brooklyn Vegan.

For more Handsome Furs info (tour dates, album stuff, etc.), go here.  I think my favorite Handsome Furs song will still be Radio Kaliningrad – how could it not be?

t-shirts were pretty cool too.


Twin Sister at McCarren Park, Brooklyn - photo by Kelly Berry

Lead singer, Andrea Estella sounds a little like a Bjork that whispers. She’s young, maybe whimsical you could say, she definitely has the cool rocker haircut going for her. After seeing them open for FBDO – that’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off free movie night at McCarren Park – even Estella made reference of this fact – I’m curious to hear more and you should too.

For color on the quirkiness of the band, read this interview from Pitchfork. Pitchfork article includes good sampling of Twin Sister songs – All Around and Away We Go, Ginger, I Want a House. For even more check out the Twin Sister website – full of demos and a weird video that looks like it was just an excuse to throw a party with a pinata and call it a “music video”. More power to them. Who doesn’t like pinatas?