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“I’ve played dumb when I knew better/ tried too hard just to be clever.”

“Desperate don’t look good on you/ neither does your virtue.”

some of my favorite St. Vincent lyrics and actually the first sentence is from a song off the new album, Strange Mercy, and it might be my new anthem. Ha so might the second one, just kidding.

What you need to know. 1. Chloe in the Afternoon – based off the Eric Romer film, the final of a series of six moral tales. Never seen the film but I like the song.

2. Cruel – I know the story behind this video.

3. Annie Erin Clark likes to crowd surf with her guitar, maybe while playing it, she has a sick voice and awesome cheek bones.

4. Her drummer’s name is Mark Johnson but he kinda looks like the lead singer from the National, but he’s not.

5. St. Vincent (Annie) has great stories that involve the Holiday Inn Express in D.C., a graveyard and some white tailed deer. But the way she tells the story is key – “and it might have been Halloween and we might have been drinking and we might have climbed the wall into the graveyard, and we might have seen deer and we might have thought we could catch them.”

6. She played an entire show and encore without playing some of my favorites including Paris is Burning, The Strangers, but I didn’t care, her new album rocks and she put on a great show. Better than the last time I saw her in DC of all places.

NPR music on Strange Mercy – agreed guitar solos are pretty cool. Listen. Find out tour stuff.


Went to soundtrack series last week, my first. I realized listening, that not only did the people among me “understand” – right there with you Dana Rossi – and appreciate November Rain as I had but I felt like they were my people, there was this shared experience, maybe that’s because they were such good story tellers – I felt that joy, sadness, internal angst, anxiety and uncertainly as we awaited the ending of the story. I was impressed and amazed by the quality of the talent and the range. It’s about the love of music sure – about that connection we all make with a remembered song, how it can help bring us back to a certain time, an emotion – but I was surprised to find that it wasn’t just about the songs it was little slices of life and without getting too deep you just have to go and see a show for yourself.

A special thank you to performers Ben Lillie (you made me cry, in a good way), Lisa Kirchner, Hallie Haglund, Peter Aguero (Kool ice!); and bartender Renee Rogoff – who has excellent taste in music btw, her playlist is nearly identical to mine, minus the M83 which I have just recently learned of thanks to her and will be investigating shortly.

Next Soundtrack Series to be held at Le Poisson Rouge November 30th.

More info (spotlight features on the performers) and podcasts from the series are found on their website: