M83 @ SummerStage Central Park NYC

Posted: August 9, 2012 by kbwrote in concerts


The city is my church! M83 concert was awesome, it was epic…what I could hear anyway. I know as a short person (5′ 3 and I like to wear flats) that my view options at concerts are going to be considerably limited but seriously people with the iPhones, taking videos that no one is going to watch on You Tube, have to go!

What ever happened to just enjoying the concert and taking it all in and being present in the experience? I know as a (sometimes) blogger that I too am guilty of the snapshot here or there – but I take a few and then I put it away. My friend Greg & I were talking about proper concert etiquette – when there is a quieter song with strings in the background like Wait or My Tears Are Becoming a Sea – that is not an opportunity to talk and tell everyone how long the beer line was sheesh! I guess I’m a music purist or a snob, call me whatever you want but get that iPhone out of my face. Please. 🙂

M83 did put on an amazing show complete with stringed instruments, creepy masks, and a laser light show – it was a complete experience. I’m looking forward to seeing them indoors @ Hammerstein, Oct 2. Tickets still available here.


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