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photo by Reid Whitten

Fiona knows. Such a powerful concert. I am still thinking about it. By far the most powerful song of the night was “I Know” from When the Pawn…her second album. My eyes got watery, I shit you not. The new album, The Idler Wheel…(gotta love Fiona and the epic long album titles that they need ellipses) is more guttural sounding and raspy than before…

From the new album, LISTEN to:

There’s also a great article on her written by Dan Lee in June 17 issue of New York Magazine (‘I Just Want to Feel Everything’: Hiding Out With Fiona Apple, Musical Hermit).

Fiona is on tour now.


“I’ve played dumb when I knew better/ tried too hard just to be clever.”

“Desperate don’t look good on you/ neither does your virtue.”

some of my favorite St. Vincent lyrics and actually the first sentence is from a song off the new album, Strange Mercy, and it might be my new anthem. Ha so might the second one, just kidding.

What you need to know. 1. Chloe in the Afternoon – based off the Eric Romer film, the final of a series of six moral tales. Never seen the film but I like the song.

2. Cruel – I know the story behind this video.

3. Annie Erin Clark likes to crowd surf with her guitar, maybe while playing it, she has a sick voice and awesome cheek bones.

4. Her drummer’s name is Mark Johnson but he kinda looks like the lead singer from the National, but he’s not.

5. St. Vincent (Annie) has great stories that involve the Holiday Inn Express in D.C., a graveyard and some white tailed deer. But the way she tells the story is key – “and it might have been Halloween and we might have been drinking and we might have climbed the wall into the graveyard, and we might have seen deer and we might have thought we could catch them.”

6. She played an entire show and encore without playing some of my favorites including Paris is Burning, The Strangers, but I didn’t care, her new album rocks and she put on a great show. Better than the last time I saw her in DC of all places.

NPR music on Strange Mercy – agreed guitar solos are pretty cool. Listen. Find out tour stuff.

According to the New York Magazine approval matrix Twin Sister’s new video is pretty close to brilliant. One thing is for sure, those eyes really creep me out. Hmm have I just found my Halloween costume for this year? possibly.

photos by Toby Tenenbaum for Brooklyn Vegan

Three things: Fog machines, lasers, drum machine…oh and side kicks and special K (not the cereal) – so 1,2,3,4,5…five things.  Psychedelic electronic rock I guess you could call it.

Super high energy intense love affair between the husband and wife duo – Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry – the music, the crowd and lasers it was the dance party made for indie rock enthusiasts. And it might bring back the glow stick, maybe.

For those unaware, Dan Boeckner formally of Wolf Parade – a band collaboration with Spencer Krug (Moonface, Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake) has just released the Handsome Furs’ third album, Sound Kapital. Interesting to compare the differences and departures from his former collaborator, Spencer Krug. Where as, in my mind, Spencer is more about the lyrics and progression of climax in the song, Boeckner seems more about the raw and dirty sound, the rocking out.

Alexei and her man are in sync on this as evidenced by her intensity on stage complete with side kicks and collapse to the ground at the close of (almost) every song. And they are able to fill the stage with just the two of them – they are dynamic and they can put that drum machine to work.

The enthusiasm of Boeckner and Alexei on stage was mirrored in the crowd. There are some stellar pics provided by a Toby Tenenbaum/Brooklyn Vegan.

For more Handsome Furs info (tour dates, album stuff, etc.), go here.  I think my favorite Handsome Furs song will still be Radio Kaliningrad – how could it not be?

t-shirts were pretty cool too.

Organ Music not Vibraphone like I’d Hoped

Moonface is not a band, just plain half-old me, in any solo or collaborative projects I’m involved in from now until whenever. In early 2010 the first EP was released on Jagjaguwar. It was called Dreamland EP: Marimba and Shit-Drums, and sounds as the title suggests. This past winter, trying to keep sane in my snowed-in Montreal home, I recorded another solo record. This new one is an LP called Organ Music not Vibraphone like I’d Hoped and is due out August 2nd, 2011.  -Spencer Krug

Moonface show, Wednesday night 9:45ish outside Mercury Lounge…smoking is bad for you, but it does allow people to socialize more, Fast Peter said that once, I’m going to agree sometimes. So Raquel and I were standing outside and we look up and see Spencer, I met him at the Brooklyn show in May had this brief conversation which although life-changing for me was probably unremembered by Spencer himself – we talked about Idiot Heart and California Dreamer – two songs which helped me through the dark and gloomy days of California. Anyway, so I figure if I make eye contact there will be this moment of recognition and we’ll be old friends and he’ll invite me and Raquel backstage (there’s not a backstage at Mercury Lounge I am aware but it’s the idea, just go with me here). I did stare and he stared back and I assume was thinking why is this girl staring at me…and that is kind of the anti-climatic end of my Spencer story. I encourage you all to go and get your own – Moonface is on tour!

and you know as much as I love Sunset Rubdown and am heart broken that Wolf Parade has disbanded/gone on “infinite hiatus” I didn’t mind that Spencer didn’t play any of those songs. I would imagine this is why Moonface came to be, so he could have another creative outlet that was just his – I really like the new sound it’s easy to get lost in it, creates this new experience – I really recommend seeing in person, it’s quite a different feeling but the recording is almost as equally satisfying. I haven’t sorted out what it all means but I don’t think that’s really the point, it’s about the feeling, the experience and anyway, I think Spencer would say that it should mean to us what we want.

Download a track and get tour dates courtesy Brooklyn Vegan

Last night was awesome. I got to be part of a crowd of no more than 60 people or so that got to see the first Moonface show in Brooklyn, NY.

Spencer enlighted us all with some “Marimba and shit-drums”, Mike Bigelow (Wintersleep) played those crazy electronic drums, and Camilla even took the stage for a couple songs. They ended the night with as Camilla rightly put it a cover of a Spencer song – Swan Lake‘s All Fires. Great show, felt very lucky to have been part of this small intimate group that got to experience the next wave/brainchild of Spencer Krug.

Marimba And Shit-Drums

I’m still settling in from the shock of the night, the fact that I was there, I got to ask Spencer himself about my California Dreamer and Idiot Heart questions and I’m still kicking myself that I don’t carry a pen or some writing device with me at all times.

Brief Q&A with Spencer in the stairwell of some apt building in Bushwick:

KB: What is “Moonface”? What does it mean?

SK: It’s just something I thought of there is not some deep hidden meaning…it’s actually this condition where your face swells up to a very round shape.

KB: Really? Are you making that up?

SK: No it’s really a condition.

I told him I was a huge fan (I was a little starstruck I’ll admit it) and then said can I ask you one more thing…

KB: Thinking of California Dreamer and Idiot Heart, do you have a connection or is there some fascination with east coast vs. west coast?

SK: I understand what you mean about California Dreamer, I wrote that for about a friend of mine…what I always liked about that song is that you don’t realize until about half way through that it’s about a woman.  But what do you mean about Idiot Heart? That was actually about Montreal.

KB: Well I guess there’s nothing [in Idiot Heart] to suggest an LA connection but I lived there for a year and that line “I love you but I hate this city” well that’s what it meant to me.

SK: I think that’s great, you shouldn’t have me telling you what I think it is, you should keep that for yourself and let it mean whatever it means to you.

I like that. My friend with me last night described him as a puzzle. I think that may be, he’s certainly not an open book but his music is accessible and real – he’s not a rock star, he’s an artist. I think there is a real difference.

That’s enough soapbox for one day I think. It was a night of concerts, directly following the Moonface show, I traveled to the Knitting Factory to see a band unknown to me (until last night) Antlers. More on that later…

In the meantime – check out more Moonface – (click on the “dreams” tab, very cool, I want my own dream forum it’s brilliant)

Only 4 more days! Then Lykke Li’s second album, Wounded Rhymes, follow up to 2008’s Youth Novels (“Little Bit”, “Tonight”, etc.), is available for purchase.

You can listen to the new album in its entirety immediately (via Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes

More details on the Lykke Li website.

Check out tour dates too, Lykke has the ability to turn even her ballads into Euro dance parties but only a lot less uncomfortable and awkward than this one, her music video for “Little Bit”. Ha, what is that guy in the suspenders doing?