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My friends who have had the pleasure of being a passenger in my car know that I secretly (or not so secretly) wish to be a race car driver. So it should come as no surprise that I think both this music video and this movie featuring cool car tricks or speeding car chases, respectively, would be my latest obsession.

It’s only an added bonus that the 80s inspired soundtrack for Drive is good. If you liked that scorpion embroidered jacket you’ll like this. Just embrace it. It feels good.

Listen to: A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth), College

Under Your Spell, Desire

Nightcall, Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx


Chop Shop/Atlantic Records

Alright, I know what you are thinking, how is it possible for quality indie music to accompany the teen Twilight films – but it’s true – excluding the first movie of course which was embarrassing to watch, I want to say it was so bad it was good but that might be a stretch.

But, the second movie, New Moon, (new director, thank god) actually has a good collection: Thom Yorke (awesome song: Hearing Damage, you can pretend you are a super fast vampire on the treadmill, I mean not that I do that), Lykke Li: Possibility (perfect song for bruiting over a breakup), The Killers, OK Go, Grizzly Bear w Victoria Legrand: Slow Life – great. And there are a few I’m not even mentioning here.

So, New Moon soundtrack is awesome and we all should be grateful for Bella, Edward and Jacob – at least in this instance. Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the newest soundtrack from Eclipse, I’m not as familiar with it, but it did draw my attention to Florence + The Machine.

Heavy in Your Arms, Florence + The Machine is the song listed on the soundtrack but my new fav is Cosmic Love from their album, Lungs. There are certainly other bands who I enjoy that signed on to this album, but as my sister (hopefully a soon-to-be contributor to this blog) and I were discussing, Metric signed on with Eclipse, but not a fair representation of the band – I think they are better than that, but if it gets young teens/new listeners to check out Metric and other like bands then I guess the song with the silly main verse was worth it.